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Thank you for coming to Michael T. Bailey Ministries website to see what our Ministry is all about and how you can partner with our Ministry to help advance The Kingdom of God in the earth.

When You Partner With Michael T. Bailey Ministries We:

  1. Join hand in hand to spread The Good News of Jesus Christ to those that are lost.
  2. Pray and interceed for you and your family in every faucet of your lives.
  3. Give you access to our Leaders Of Faith Show Teachings.
  4. Inspire you with The Parables Of Faith message.

As a Michael T. Bailey Ministries faith partner, please commit to:

  1. Praying faithfully for this ministry for God to continue to guide us in all that we do to advance His Kingdom.
  2. Provide monthly and recurring financial support to support us in spreading The Good News of Jesus Christ.

About Us:
Michael T. Bailey Ministries is a world wide ministry that reaches the nations. Our focus is to restore nations back to their rightful place in God by telling them The Good News of Jesus Christ and all the benefits that come with Believing.

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